Warn Industries is based in Clackamas, Oregon and manufactures a host of products including winches, bumpers, hubs, and other equipment. Take a look inside the company.

Nw spine & laser surgery

For the doctors at NW Spine and Laser Surgery Center, telling a different story about themselves meant looking beyond the machinery to reveal the hearts and minds of the men behind the surgical masks. We wanted to know: what inspires these doctors to devote their lives to healing their patients' pain? There are six stories in this series. All six can be viewed here.

susan doverspike photography

Facebook is all about creating personal connections, so it's a natural place to share personal stories. When we met professional photographer Susan Doverspike, we knew the best strategy to help her promote her business was to create a film that allowed Susan to share her story, in her own words.

cupcake jones

If you're in the food business, you'll want to show off your products in various stages of deliciousness. Which is exactly the strategy we used when we created this Facebook film for Cupcake Jones. But the icing on the cake for us was learning how these entrepreneurs use their products to promote philanthropy.