We define digital storytelling as the craft of bringing messages and ideas to life through a series of moving visual images, graphics, text, human voices, and music. The “digital” refers to how the story is displayed (online or mobile); the “story” refers to the way the material is presented. 

Digital Wave is the exclusive production company for the Wave One Group, a digital storytelling company.

The College of Human Ecology Building at Cornell University is a place where students and faculty explore the complex relationship between human beings and their natural, social and built environments. Designing a space that honored student-led research while celebrating their creativity was the focus of this video case study we produced with Wave One Group for global education design practice of IBI Group.

In producing this story, we spent a week with Wave One Group at the College of Human Ecology. We met with the architects from the New York City studio of IBI Group to learn how they designed the campus for innovation and collaboration. And we talked to students—the ones who currently call the building home, and the students who helped the architects shape the space.