Digital Storytelling

We define digital storytelling as the craft of bringing messages and ideas to life through a series of moving visual images, graphics, text, human voices, and music. The “digital” refers to how the story is displayed (online or mobile); the “story” refers to the way the material is presented. 

Digital Wave is the exclusive production company for the Wave One Group, a digital storytelling company.

College of Human Ecology, Cornell University

Developing and nurturing student creativity on college campuses starts with giving students a voice in the way they design their own learning.  At Cornell, design students had an opportunity to take student-directed learning to a new level: by working alongside architects from the New York City office of IBI Group in the design of the College of Human Ecology Building.

The Learning + division of IBI Group’s global educational design practice wanted to showcase this unique collaboration, so they turned to the Wave One Group to bring this story to life.

The Learning + team wanted a video that would illustrate the way educational design could be used to celebrate creativity and research. The team also wanted to highlight the role students played in the building’s design process. The Human Ecology Building represented a new beginning for the College, and it was important to show how the building was designed with the future in mind.

What we did
Prior to filming, we provided story visualization and story development sessions with the Learning + team. We developed talking points for interviews, prepared a working script and detailed shot lists and filming schedules. Once we arrived at Cornell, we worked closely with the College of Human Ecology’s communications team, as well as the Principal from the New York IBI Group office. During our five-day stay, we interviewed students, university administrators and staff, and filmed key sequences throughout the campus. Upon our return to Portland, we edited together the video, in collaboration with the Learning + team.

The College of Human Ecology video has been shown at regional and international conferences. It is also used to market and promote IBI Group’s Learning + global design practice through its TH!NK By IBI blog, IBI Group YouTube channel, and on other social media platforms.

playa las tortugas resort and turtle rescue

Miles of warm sandy beach, tropical waters, clear blue skies, coconut palms, exotic birds, sea turtles, natural beauty, tranquility, colorful sunsets, starry nights, and one of the most favorable climates in the world.
Playa Las Tortugas is hidden in a romantic setting on miles of sand beach bathed in the warm tropical sun and waters of Mexico.
The perfect canvas for a photographer.
Location: Playa Las Tortugas, Nayarit, Mexico

Susan G. Komen Oregon & SW Washington: Heather's story

Like many young women, Heather Krom never expected her life would be upended by a diagnosis of breast cancer. Uninsured and scared, Heather struggled to find doctors who would treat her.

Then Heather placed a phone call to the team at Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington. It was a phone call that saved her life. When Komen Oregon wanted to share Heather’s inspiring story, they called the Wave One Group for help.

Telling Heather’s story required sensitivity, a gentle touch and empathetic listening. Making people feel comfortable and confident in sharing their stories on camera is a specialty of ours, and it all starts with building trust prior to filming.

What we did
We spent time with Heather and her family before we turned on the cameras. We observed the way Heather and her partner Parker interacted with their kids, and with each other. We wanted to capture a series of everyday, human moments that, when viewed through the lens of Heather’s cancer diagnosis, would touch hearts and encourage financial giving.

In the non-profit world, the ability to raise money hinges on telling a compelling story. And “Heather’s Story” helped Komen Oregon raise $325,000 for breast cancer education and local support services.

jesuit high school fundraising story

A parent's love for their children is a story we have told many times.
That love is even more unstoppable when seeking to provide their children with a good education.
At Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon the dream of receiving a top notch education has been fulfilled many times for families with limited resources.

Hallock & McMillan Building, portland, oregon

In 1857, the Hallock-McMillan Building opened its doors along Portland’s waterfront. Erected by Absalom Hallock, the city’s first architect, the building was Portland’s first and oldest brick commercial structure, adorned with cast iron decorative arches on its facade.
During the 1940s, the building’s owner stripped away the cast iron columns and arches to give the structure a modern appearance. And there it sat, until 2011, when Portland developer John Russell bought the Hallock-McMillan. He launched plans to upgrade the building’s interior, and restore the building’s exterior to its original 1857 glory.
Every building as a story, and John turned to the Wave One Group to help him tell this one.

John initially commissioned us to help him document the process of pouring the cast iron design elements for the building’s facade. But videotaping the iron pour was a small part of the restoration story. We knew there was a deeper story to be told, and, with John’s blessing, we set out to find it.

What we did
We spent time with the craftsmen who painstakingly recreated the cast iron elements to the exacting standards of 1857. We interviewed a historian, who explained the role cast iron architecture played in Portland’s early history. We also interviewed John Russell, who shared his personal passion for preserving the past.

John is using this video to market the building to tenants looking for office space. As soon as tenants are signed, John will take the cast iron design elements out of storage and attach them to the exterior of the building.