VIDEO FOR government

Digital Wave is a certified by the VA and the State of Oregon as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB.) We partner with  federal, state, and local agencies that want to use video to increase engagement with their constituents, and get the word out about important programs and issues.

The video solutions we provide to government clients include:
*Employee training programs
*Community outreach

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, our expertise in all things video, and our commitment to creating a great experience time after time.

Clark Public Utilities: Community Outreach Video

Clark Public Utilities is a customer-owned public utility in Washington State. An active community partner, the utility stepped up to the plate when the leaders of the Camas-Washougal Babe Ruth League needed help raising money to replace the lights at a beloved baseball park. Through its storytelling division, the Wave One Group, Digital Wave provided production services to bring this story to life.

Scope of services:
Location filming; direction; crew selection; producing; on-camera interviewing; editing; voiceover narration.

Encoded video file to upload to YouTube; encoded a second video file as a DCP (Digital Cinema Print) for play in cinema format. The film premiered at the Liberty Theater in Camas, Washington.

US Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management Montana/Dakotas: PBS documentary

Lured by wide open spaces and the promise of land to call their own, people from as far away as Europe packed up their lives and moved to the Missouri Breaks region in central Montana during the turn of the twentieth century. The Bureau of Land Management Montana/Dakotas commissioned Digital Wave to produce Pride and Perseverance—--Settlers in the Upper Missouri River Breaks, a 28-minute documentary chronicling the lives of some of the Missouri Breaks homesteaders, and current descendants.

Scope of Services:
Historical research; pre-interview discussions with local historians, BLM staff, and descendants of the original homesteaders; script writing; 7 days of filming on location in the Missouri Breaks area; directing and producing; conducting on-camera interviews with historians, BLM staff and descendants; commissioned original music; editing; developing on-screen graphics; production management.

1000 DVDs of the documentary for sale at the Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument Interpretive Center.
One master copy of the documentary for Montana PBS.
Design and delivery of five interpretive signs to be placed at the sites of original homesteading cabins along the River.

Oregon Department of Transportation PSA

Digital Wave provided production support to KGW-TV and Gard Advertising for this :30 second PSA announcing Oregon Department of Transportation’s approach to speeders.

Scope of Services:
Filming location footage and in-studio footage; editing.

Video files of final video to Gard Advertising, for delivery to local TV stations


portland va medical center: Managing your back

Many veterans suffer from back pain and commit to expensive surgery as their first, and only, solution. The Portland VA Medical Center wanted to introduce a new, lower cost approach to reducing back pain, focused on exercises for pain management. PMVAC commissioned Digital Wave to film and produce a training video featuring a home exercise regimen to help strengthen patients’ backs, and reduce pain.

Scope of Services:
Script writing; location filming; directing talent; production management; editing; developing on-screen graphics.

2500 DVDs of the training video, with subtitles and closed captioning.

Multnomah County Library: Welcome to the Library multi-language training video series

Digital Wave provided video production services to its storytelling division, the Wave One Group, and the Multnomah County Library, in the creation of a series of training videos teaching Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese speaking residents how to use the public library system in Portland, Oregon. 

Scope of services:

Story planning and development; video treatment; creation of editing scripts; auditioning and selecting on-camera talent from Library employees; development of shot list; hiring production crew for filming; location filming at selected library locations; directing talent; on-site field production; directing voiceover sessions; creating Cantonese, Russian and Vietnamese subtitled scripts; editing; Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese video versions; development of on-screen graphics; development of DVD chapters and menu (Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese versions); production management.


175 DVDs of the three language set of training videos

30 DVDs of Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese training videos (90 total)

Encoding of web video files of each training module (all three 3 languages) in format compatible with Open Source codes 

3 Beta-SP master tapes of each program, in target language